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He will be back soon, he always does
The wooden stairs crack under his steps
Slow and full cruelty
The permanent tic-tac, relentless and aggressive
I feel so alive under the beats
I wait for him patiently
My wounds never have time to close
Until a new awakening of the predator
Erase me
My soul is dead for me
I can smell his putrid aroma
Mixed with the wetness and filth of this place
My face lies on the ground inhaling the dust
My soul is dead for me
Unchain the rage
Meet your glance, find your weakness
As you must have one
Offer my body as meat and my blood as a gift
A past without any trail will be mine
Becoming your prey
Death comes to us all
We are what we are
Prey erase me
Bending again, wild and vulnerable according to your cynic desire
Your favorite play, your animal dominance
Open the case and make the puppet dance
With the symphonic sounds of a distant orchestra
The blood has stuck my lips but these melodies caress my wounded ears
Resounding until your distrust and hunger finish me
You chosen to be my guide on the fertile and erogenous fields
My soul is dead for me
Unchain the rage
Death comes to us all

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