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Rising from the depths
When all the lights are off
It never sleeps, still and waiting
Its breath under my bed
Strikes the ground
With a sleepless terror
Evaporates the smoke
Disturbing the peaceful silence

The exhaling fear of nocturnal
Threat followed by heartbeats
Sweat crawling on the ground with it

Eyes can see, never sleep
Through this noise
Eyes can see,
Keep them open to hear the sounds

Let's listen to this discrete noise
It's the shiver traveling your skin
The hunter aiming at its prey
Calling in a murmur for the help I'll never receive
Nocturnal terror born from the thing under my bed

Crouching in a pale shadow,
Waiting for the bait to show up
Clenched fists, half awake, half asleep
Nothing seems real in this twisted
Dimension of conscience

Materialization of all nightmares,
Drawing slowly the paint
While I desperately wait
For the morning to come
Seconds are hours and I'll try to
Move in the complete dark space
Until it finally grabs my feet

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