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Monsters Make Monsters - text

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They wake me up at night,
they crawl under the shimmering light
The shadows of a forgotten world
Greedy and moving along the walls
The ghosts from the past hidden
in the sand of my inner desert
Cenesthesic perceptions increase,
showing the devilish purpose
Monsters make monsters, those raptures and lies
Monsters make monsters, their kids yet still rise
They start to dig the black hole again
Stench of a therianthropic pregnancy
My aborted parts consumed and resurrected
Legacy corrupted, deformed reality through molestation
Unrevealed acts of infamy,
coloring the blood
Show a path where no healthy ming would walk alone
Victorious darkness fertilized with pathological seeds
I dream of pain, I embraced it
It will be yours like it was mine
I'm gonna break you in half
Illusions of safety as the
beast is still sleeping in the den
Calm of water faking the nature of the underneath
I am the bringer of the acid running through your veins
Conjugating abuse with mercy.

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