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Experience Your Flesh - text

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Without touching me I feel
Your delicate hands slide wet and greedy
The sweatiness of my skin betrays
The fear of the unknown close to rise
The smile appearing in the corner of your lips
Increases the shiver of my legs
Your shining glance behind your glasses pierces me
An open window to the internal disorder
Experience your flesh
Ravage the soul like insidiuos cancer
Pleasure of meat you made me discover
Grazing the feverish base which lived inside
The ancient wound gets dug
With the perversion you instill in every cell
Your delicious teaching awakens sleepy parts of my being
Force the passage,
Consume the defenses
Violate unborn virgin paths
Frustrating the lamb,
Increasing the appetite of the sleeping Cerbere
Discreet lights of your imprint
Take hold in foundations
A root surrounding
My trunk until suffocate it
Abrading the bark of innocence
Hardening the seeds of pleasure to come

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