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Defiled Purity - text


My sleeping beauty
Vanished in the sweetest dreams
The never ending process with worms
And mud as witnesses
Returned to the starving ground

You haunted my dreams as I was prisoner
Of this 7 years old childish body
And now I know you chased me my entire life
You're desire and disgust
You're the burning cold
You're the black stain defiling
The purity of the immaculate white painting
You're the infection infesting the cut

I celebrate metamorphosis
I send your pieces to the grave
The beautiful sight of your departure
Infinite passion of the abandoned

You, you are the wound in the corner of my lips
You that I can never stop licking
You made me what I am
You made me what I become

The vicious wind blows in my ears
Mixed with your silent moans
As my cum arrives until what remains of you
Honoring your grave as you deserve it
I beg they catch me

As you watch me rocking your head
Like a sleeping newborn child
The creature in me reads through your absent eyes
See the picture of the delivered monster
Smiling to the ignorance of its creator

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