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Stuck in the shapes you gave me
Those shapes that will never change
Condemned to be the same forever
In your eyes

What to do, what to say, where to go, whom to pray?
You tell me, you tell me
I'm just the frozen one in the paint
In can't move, I can't move on!

I'm locked in a strange room
Where the sky is made of gold
I'm locked in a strange room
Where I can't move at all

But I won't give up and let it go
Give me the chance to reveal and
Set me free from the ones I've been
I'm gonna break these icons!

You keep me prisoner
Of an outdated-me

Can't you see the paint fading away
Colors becoming drab?
Can't you see it cracking from the inside?
And the split releasing my pain...

I'm gonna break these icons... Of me.

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