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Caged inside you I see all
See through your subconscious walls
In the darkness there is light
A beacon shining in the night

Speak to me for I have seen
Signs of the impending storm

Talk to me, how shall I proceed?
What is this strange voice that softly warns?

I am the bastion
Created from pure light
I am the beacon shining in the night

I am the portal
The window to your soul
I am the essence that makes you whole

I am the seer
Open your eyes to see
I am the seer SEE ME
Somehow you must believe

Cautiously, I start to perceive as all my senses work as one

They’re touching me, pulling me, calling me, begging me forth into the unknown

The staff of wisdom
Is held within my hands
These signs and visions
Will lead you to the Promised Land

Now let me show you
Forbidden shores
And let me take you
To Nevermore

I am the seer Open your eyes to see
I am the seer SEE ME
Somehow you must believe

May you listen to the voice - From the cradle to the grave
May you make that final choice - Born of wisdom of the Age
May you never slip and fall - Beyond this world
May you answer to the call!

Into the darkness we must bring light and be as beacons shinning in the night
So let me lead you unto the shore, we are forever forevermore
I am the seer
Just look inside you’ll see me, somehow you must believe me, I AM ALIVE SEE ME!

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