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I am labelled,
Fame is fable,
My own free will disabled,
Lift me up, Place the pride,
Let me fall.

Dissected and press infected,
My pre-planned thought injected,
Mind feels misanthropic,
As they make me sick.

Perfect defect,
Finding solace in my destitution,
I can fail this time,
Succumb to the sycophant,
My mind I won’t recant,
I’m drowning in the hate,
As it procreates.

They will follow if you lead,
If you fall then they will feed,
There’s no real, just reality,
You’re just way too blind to see.

Undermine and leave behind,
Your imperfect design,
The loyalty is just phase,
Delude! Manipulate!
You aid the renegades,
Enlighten then enslave,
I can see those eyes,
As they analyse.

Determined, reaching for Perfect,
In my mind I’ve reached the verdict,
Pushed and fought through rivalry,
Bled the flaws inside of me.

I am not the one,
I’m am anyone,
Just a casualty of your vanity,
And this apathy,
It callously pulls me down,
I am not the one,
I’m not anyone,
Just a effigy wrapped up in tragedy,
And this normality,
Is killing me (killing me!).

I am not the one but everyone keeps pushing me,
My life is in between the fake and the reality,
Holding on I can’t hold on this life just will not change,
The blood is in the water but I know it’s mine taste,
Free me, leave me,
Cut me from the umbilical prison cell,
Feeding me and bleeding me dry,

Revolt, resist, restrain,
You’ll never kill the pain,
And I will never live again,
Just give me my right to die!

All the dreams I’ve cherished,
Are the nightmares haunting me.

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