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In the board room the quiet man
Takes a second to think what to do
He's out of his seat and he's starting to speak
And he hears his own voice
For years and years he's done nothing but bow down
And put up with all their demands
She sits like a viper and offers the clock
Without giving a damn
He takes it
Honor forbids me, but honor be damned
You have whined till you got what you want
I did the working when things were going badly
You left us to rot
He locked the door of the boardroom
And turned like the scene from the old country song
Towering over the table he's lost
He is drunk with it all
You only came back to us when we'd turned it around
When we'd rescued your arse from the fire
Your contribution to all that we did
Was to say it was dire
Night after day after night I've been working
Despite of you fucking us all
Now I'm gonna die, I don't care if you cry
Just please leave me alone
And spare your tears for yourself
We've had those till we're sick
You should leave while you still have the chance
The others were shocked at this shameful disgrace
At the end of an honored career
He paused in the silence to pull down his tie
And observe the mele

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