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My baby
Came to me lately:
"Honey, please don't take this bad
But maybe
When you laid me
Could we try to spice it up?"
I looked her
Across the table
First to see if she was joking
No joke
There was no flicker
Just a girl
Who wanted more
Than meat
And potatoes
She may stop at
At whips and chains
She needs carousal
More arousal
A bit of pain
So we started
By using handcuffs
We tried a can of cold whipped cream
I was allergic
To so much dairy
She had to finish it
All by herself
I slapped her
She wasn't expecting
Then she hit me back
She freakin' cracked me
I got a nosebleed
She was angry
She wanted more
Than meat
And potatoes
She may stop
At pumps and drains
She needs some arousal
Some carousal
A bit of pain
Invite the neighbours (Invite the neighbours)
Or total strangers (Or total strangers)
And give yourself a leg up, honey
Where the queen mask
Put on the French basque
It's full of honey holes
And if we're gonna use them all, oh
Then we're gonna need more
Than meat
And potatoes
Oh, she may draw the line
At dolls and freaks
She needs some abusing
Some amusement to get through the week
I know you respect me
And you won't reject me
And the arrow of our love is straight and true

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