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It came my way on a lonesome day
The long black scarf took my possession
Valentino's own, passed down from the throne
With powers to use with discretion
Through hallowed hall
Through streetlight stroll
Through winter snow, the scarf's a-flying
He can feel salvation coming around
This time he knows it exists
The instant cool, the se**** appeal
Of a handsome romantic that no girl could resist
Around my neck I slowly felt
The noose of innocence, it was tightening
You got all that you thought you wanted
And now there's ice in your heart
You kissed the girls, you notched them up
You said goodbye, you figured it out
You learned the game, you're not the same
Icy drift, a solar eclipse
Who can tell your story?
Long black scarf, put it on
Bound for love, bound for glory

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