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I'm Not Living in the Real World - text

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Born on a Sunday, everyday is Monday
That is what I've heard
About the real world
Up in the morning
Heading for the schoolyard
Big boys being bullies make it so hard
It's a lesson for the real world
Seems so far away the real world
Up to the bigger school
Trying not to be fool
Here I am new shoes and cagoule
Look I'm getting closer to the real world
(Tell me where the girls are)
Thinking about happiness
Thinking about Tara
Thinking about sorrow
Thinking about Sara
Sara and Sorrow are the very same word
In my young life I get so hurt
Will I make it in the real world?
Gluing up my Airfix kit
Cigarettes after gym
Had a pint of Special Brew
Won't do that again
Train for examination, (gotta get traction)
Mickey mouse college course (Looking for action)
Mickey mouse, Lucky Charms, holding back the real world
Now it's Monday morning
I'm still yawning
Swooping down the city street
Heading for the clock on
Bought a 'Daily Record' like a real man
Well I made it to the real world
But I'm not living in the real world

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