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Ease Your Feet in the Sea - text


Ease your feet off in the sea
My darling, it's the place to be
Take your shoes off, curl your toes
And I will frame this moment in time
Troubles come and troubles go
The troubles that we used to know
Will stay with us until we get old
Will stay with us until somebody decides to go
Decides to go

Soberly, without regret, I make another sandwich
And I fill my face
I know that things have got to you
But what can I do?
Suddenly, without a warning
On a pale blue morning
You decide your time is wearing thin
A conscious choice to let yourself go dangling
It's an emergency
There's no more "wait and see"

Maybe if I shut my eyes
Your trouble will be split between us
People come and people go
You're scouring everybody's face
For some small flicker of the truth
To what it is that you are going through, my boy
I left you dry
The signs were clear that you were not going anywhere
Save for a falling down, save for a falling down
Save for a falling down
Everything's going high

Later on, as I walked home
The plough was showing, and Orion
I could see the house where you lived
I could see the house where you gave
All your time and sanity to people
Then you waited for the people to acknowledge you
They spoke in turn
But their eyes would pass over you
Over you
Who's seeing you at all?
Who's seeing you at all?

Text přidala Domi009

Text opravil Sigur

Videa přidal Sigur

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