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Phone Call From The Moon - text

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"Hello, honey, I hope I didn't wake you up,
But I had to hear your voice
I'm standing in another phone booth,
Somewhere on the moon
I'm alright, I guess, except for all the stuff I miss
The things we used to do
I never knew I could be this blue
It's so quiet here
Like the stars are sayin',
"Shh, be quiet"
So, how are the kids?
Did I miss his birthday again?
Aw, no...could you tell him I'm sorry,
Sometimes my mind gets blurry
And I lose all sense of time
Time moves slowly
Like the curve of the earth
Aw, honey, I wish I really could
Reach out and touch you...but that's not real
Like the moon is this lonely view
From a sad phone...out here on the moon
And it feels like one long lonely night
You know what I mean,
That's why I called"

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