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I can see the people in the park
waiting for another lucky spark
Standing here, half a world away
Too afraid of word to say
like a childern withouth teeth
with heavy minds to relieve
I can see the fear inside their eyes
D´ you feel them varing all their lies
Maybe not aware of what to do
But I can´t see the trust
Trust in you
what´ve you made is underway
Don´t you stand away
And I say
what´s wrong whit you don´t stop
is it all you´ve got
oh come on what you waiting for
don´t make us feel OK
Save it for another day
You know (your) wonder fall
D´you believe the same old lies
No crime to criticize
You know (your) wonder fall
(Do you know the god we´re looking for the peace we all adore)
you know (your) wonder fall

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