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As the black sun of depths illuminates the nightside
And as the dragon has risen upon it's face
And the sea at her feet has turned red with poison
Dripping from her wounds
I hold the rosary black as her ravens
And drink from those crimson waves
The great mother's wine of liberation
The consummation of flaming witch's blood
I sing and I raise the cup of heresy
The womb of Luciferian revolution
In the shadow which is the opposite of life
The holy light of the other side
Spiritual path, stony and throny
Towards the mother of dark sorcery
Bloody footsteps behind me
Speak of it's lifeless story
The fires upon the throne of Thaumiel
Create the feminine shadow of Lucifer
Mirror to the black sun's light
Salve my awakened spirit
Umbra Luciferi

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The Poisonous Path


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