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The Poisonous Path - text

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The witch vessel breathe the poison
The living keys from the garden of night
It rise like a pall from the dragons mouth
Feeding the voidful flesh of the seeker
The green eden can be found
From the crimson deserts of Azazel
I follow the voice of my witchblood
And enter into it's gardens
Walls of green shadow descent around
The world of mortals faded away
Night speaks with many names
With the voices of the forbidden deities
Wand like a crooked path
A crawling venomous serpent
Sacred branch, the limb of death
Serving as the conduit of my intent
The spirit of this old rod
The hooded black snake
Connected to fiery blood and spirit
Will opens the veil beyond the human psyche
The keys from the green kingdom
Gate openers from the loins of nature
Treasures and gifts from those
Who is the blood-line of ours
This is the poison path
When the garden of Samael unites with mind
Veiled by the cloak of night
We step forth into the day

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The Poisonous Path


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