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Cave of the Dark Dreams - text

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The cave opens it's black mouth
And invites me with an unknown chant
A song of oblivion, from what I've have been
At a time before the emergence of rotten flesh
Black crystals upon the walls
Shining like the eyes of wolves
Reflecting the past and the future
Memories of terror and a passion
Lived lives and leaking wounds
The cave hides me inside
To pulling deeper into it's shadows
Towards the red temple where we met
Naked from illusion of profane
We encounter in front of your throne
Freely runs the rivers of tears
To rins out the humane weakness
Your essence of a black wolf
Becomes a part of the inner self
And grief turns into power
Now with the iris of howling beast
I drink from the grail of SamaeLilith
Which will set me free
In the cave of the dark dreams

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