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Total Invasion - text


Just enough water to ensurface the world
Oil baron running the government
So I'll start a war

All votes invalid
Use any old lie
Gonna carve up your wealth,like pumpkin pie
Only fools won't realise and won't be told that empires run on the old black gold

It's a global abrasion
It's consecration
United Nations
It's a total invasion!

Terrify them
Complete submission
This is our goal,this is our mission
Destroy your customs
You'll have no say
We'll clothe your women in the western way

I's a fucking crusade
A lesson trade
So all you intellectuals
We're gonna invade


The final push
The last battle
Even restored?
Man is cattle
We want your oil
We want your land
We'll take your welth
You'll have much less
We'll change your God to the Bitch Godess

Text přidal cradle

Video přidala AZERET666

Zajímavosti o písni

  • Je to cover písní skupiny Jazza Colemana 'Killing Joke'. (zanzara)
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