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[Live At Sweden Rock Festival 2005]
"Slaves Shall Serve As Crowns Are Falling,
As The Apocalypse Is Nearing,
Slaves Shall Serve As Inferior Life Force,
Slaves Shall Serve As Undead Rivals"
Father ov Terror!
Aba ol-Hol
Enter the pylon
Through the galleys ov past
Catacombs ov night
Into the starry womb
Slay, slay!
Asar un-Nefer
We have no fear
Our time had come
Our will is done
Dance, dance!
O Mighty One
In the fields ov Aqert
And spit
Upon slaves ov death
War God!
Trample all weakness
This is your day ov pride
Draw Thy flaming sword
Cut the umbilical cord
To set me free from eternal sleep
Step by step
Evolution: spiral vibration
Can you hear?
Can you touch?
Can you see?
Can you really feel?
We charm all jins -
Automata, inprinted realities
They creep like snakes
And all we feel
Is painful bliss
As we burn forth
Like winged globe
Like solar disk...
...And penetrate eternity
Slaves shall serve!

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Slaves Shall Serve

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