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The Positive and the Negative of Being Alone - text


This time maybe this time
Maybe this time they’ll all know my name
This time after all of this time
After this time things won’t be the same
And I’m sure you won’t understand

And my friends are the ones always being dishonest
So I just learn ways to go on living without them
They tell me over, over, and over
They want closer and closer
I’m leaving soon

I offered what was left of me
And I know the things they say
Give me real or make me feel
Give me real or make me…
The positive and the negative of being alone

When words are spoken
Where will you be
And when I’m down and broken
Where will you be
If I reach my hand for you
Where will you be
I’ll find you hidden in old photography

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

Midwest Modesty

Before Their Eyes texty

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