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I'm crawling my way to you it's brought me to my knees
I never believed your words would knock me off my feet
I'm pushing away the mud that stops me in my tracks
I'll never believe I'd see you standing on my back

It's just wrong, it's wrong,
It's wrong, it's wrong, it's wrong

I know your dying inside, the things that you hide
Won't let you rest at night, when your full of lies

I'm trying to swim to you
trying for one more breath
And everything for you
I do it the best I can
I'm starting to figure out you're gonna let me drown
Nothing is good enough you're standing on solid ground

make it up, make it up, were out of time
i see the truth in your eyes
Say it just make up your mind

Full of lies, full of lies

Text přidal LRyuzaki

Video přidal LRyuzaki

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