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Adam Was a Cool Dude - text


Gotta save my princess, from that castle
Cause you see the stone grey walls, they drive you made
Fight the battle and learn the lesson
That the best is yet to come, Arcadia

Well my side, it won’t stop aching
I’m pretty sure that a rib is missing

Take from me in my sleep
I’ll be your spiritual, spiritual bouquet
What other flesh do you need from me
I’ll be your physical, spiritual bouquet

See what you need is a backbone
You need to be more on what she’s got
Just let her breathe, and for G-d’s sake love her enough
Don’t leave her hungry, don’t leave her starving
No matter what
The serpents say
Don’t you let her get away

… and we all know how it ends

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Midwest Modesty

Before Their Eyes texty

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