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A Home With No Ceilings - text


Take me to that point
I want to build a home with no ceilings
For the rest of my days let’s say
Well hell, I’m going to live them

And it all starts from right here
Tear this pen from my hand
Look at my eyes
I’m already thinking again

Somewhere out there
You’re sinking, and drowning
I’m calling out for you
Some say it’s not fair, but this is what I saw
I only with that I could save you too

Don’t we all?
Just forget it all
Not holding an intervention again, for you
There’s nothing left to say, I’ve tried
The downfall of your greatness will be your pride

It’s killing me, it’ll never save you
It’s killing me, they’ll never save you
It’s killing me, It’s killing, it’s killing me
I’ll never save you

Text přidal DevilDan

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Midwest Modesty

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