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Hard To Compete - text


You said go, you said stay
Got so confused I tried to do both
So I broke out in a sweat
I cashed my check
And I spent it to death
'Cause it's hard to compete
It's hard to eat
When you're beating your fist
On the ground and it's rude
Did you ever even think about
The impression you gave
To the pigs, to the kids
With the hazardous waste
In their wine and their eyes
Their gasoline hairstyles
Working their magic for you

You said go, you said stay
You said try a combination
Didn't know where to start
I was lost, I was beige
I was over and under my age
Like a video, like a chick
Like a dead man moving too quick
In my way, had no plan
Dealing out papers into the wastecan
Trying hard to stay awake
And the rest of the best was a big mistake
So let's drive right into the ground
Hold it down with the garbageman crown
'Cause it's a deal, it's a noose
It's news, it's payday

Text přidal PsychoKiller

Video přidal PsychoKiller

Singly + dema + rarity


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