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Corvette Bummer - text


All my days, I had mouldy bread
Robot brains in the flying airplanes
Hollowed out, and filled with dust
Rockin' like a hurricane under the rug
Bored to the core on a sunken boat

A worn-out candle in a plastic coat
A Ziploc bag, a pelican bone
A perfect, stupid, cardboard reject
Overfed electric comatose
Riding in the air, invisible socks
A broken blanket, flaming sawdust
Waking up in the shadow of a piece of a dirt

Gonna fly like a dog, gonna leap right out the wall
Gonna walk around this town with a can o' whiskey
Gonna run like a bird, gonna roll out in the dirt
Gonna run around this town with a phone machine

Yellow cat laying flat on the road
Molten lead shooting out the ground
Tinfoil witch burning under the bridge
Flap your wings and leap out the window
Put a glass eye in the eyes of God
Nuke the kids, Polaroid cupcake
Take it to the limit, new wave biscuit
Camouflage gimmick, wimp out like never before

Gonna jump like a fly, gonna burn like a pig
Gonna flap around and pass out on the kitchen floor
Gonna crawl like a rock, gonna dance like a worm
Gonna take my shoes right off and smell my socks

Gonna fly like a squirrel, gonna swing like a chicken
Gonna weed-whack a plate of noodles in the afternoon
Gonna melt like a weasel, gonna fry like a kid
Gonna get my walkie-talkie and some mustard and some mayonnaise
And a mermaid and some macaroni, bricks, and some telephone wires
And phone machines and a fax machine and a…

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Singly + dema + rarity

Beck texty

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