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World is mine - text

The number one princess in the whole world
So make sure you know by heart, how you should treat me
Yo ne?

Sono-ichi, I want you to notice, when I change my hair from the usual style
Sono-ni, make sure that you even notice my shoes, ii ne?
Sono-san, to every time you hear me speak to you I want you to answer me in those three words
If you get it right, then you can take my hand and show me that we can be something true

It’s not like, I want to be selfish or take you away from your life
I just want, you to feel from the heart that I am absolutely the most kawaii

The number one princess in the whole world
Don’t forget it, hey yeah hey yeah
Impossible to keep me waiting
Who do you think I am? Because I know I’m number one
Now I want to eat, something really sweet, won’t you take me?
Come on I said right now!
(woo, check one two, aaaah)

My flaws? I think you meant to say my cute mistakes
You should know better than to complain
You got it? I want to know that you can listen to me clearly
chotto… ah sore to ne!
I really want a white horse, like the fairytales of course
come on take me away
If you understand, then kneel before me, take my hand and say "ohime-sama" tte

It’s not like, I want to be selfish or take you away from your life
Demo ne, there will be times when you can scold me, a little trouble I can take it

You are the Prince, that I want to share my life with in this world
Now you can see, hey yeah hey yeah
That both my hands are needing yours
Our words are not, enough for me to feel like I am whole
Please don’t beee so cold, it’s time for you to pick up the speed, ooh!

Definitely, you don’t see, why can’t you just get it, why can’t you just get me now?

Many many strawberries on a shortcake
Only quality ingredients to make the pudding!
There are all these things that I’m craving
I will try to hold back so you won’t think I’m greedy
I can be proper too, I’m a lady
You don’t want to regret your feelings

It’s so easy for me to be who I am

The number one princess in the whole world
Your eyes can look at only me
Or you could miss me wandering
Then suuddenly you grabbed me from behind, and my heart could not be still
“Be more careful, so you don’t get hurt” that’s all you could say then you walked away
Nothing could be more dangerous than my Prince

Hey Baby

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