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Girl, I''ll meet you underneath the tree where I first tried to kiss you.
Well when I was 4 and you were 3 you know we were meant to
Be married someday but life goes away before you notice it leave.

Now all those places have all gone away
Where we used to hang out with our friends and say
"One day we're gonna live, we're gonna live, we're gonna live, gonna live it up."
So close to the surface our hearts beating.
Was the only sound we'd hear deciding
What we were gonna do, we were gonna do,
We were gonna do to push on through.

And if I told you I was worth it would you tell me you won't go?
Lord knows I try but I'm not perfect.
But I told you so. Yes I did you know
And if its all show, then we're already gone.

And I know its only been a while, but I still miss you.
I'd give anything if it'd make me be here with you.
See the more that things change, the more they're the same.
But there'll always be you and me.

Seema all we tried to do's been undone
Maybe we can maybe someday run away
We could be new, we could be new
We could be new girl, me and you.
Or we'll laugh at stupid things that we've done
never realising what we've become
Until it's too, until it's too
until it's too late to be true.


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