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Skipping cracks on the street in the summertime.
Screaming as the days go slipping by.
Working two jobs just to get on by these days.
Two kids, no husband, on the streets.
Been spending all her money on some food to eat.
Been sleeping in her car on the back seat these days.

Keep moving, get through this, get to this, don't do this.
She's sick of her life, living this way.
Keep flowing, keep going, been so long since knowing,
just how it feels to be ok, these days.

Rollin', parking her car in the alleyway.
Leaving in her keys for the getaway.
Dropped her kids off at her folks today so they,
wouldn't see what it is mama had to do,
just to get on by, just to push on through.
"There'll be a better day and it's coming soon" she prays.


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