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My Mind Is An Echo Chamber - text


see, I feel so lost without you
without you near to me
see, I feel so cold without you
without you here to see
this world keep spinning
round its orbit here in space
and, each time I look around
I swear I see your face
I see your face...

and I know at times I've tested
your patience, hurt your soul
but never have I suggested
we ever let this go
now I miss you more than you could ever realise
and, if i could take it back I promise you I'd try

tell you we could make it matter
tell you we could make it good
I've got a heart that's made to shatter
maybe that's the way it should
and I know this world gets crazy
well I lost all self control
where are you to come to save me
when I need you near to hold?

oh my mind is an echo chamber

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