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Got caught daydreaming again,
of other words and of faulty friends.
Man how they change, you hit a rainy day
and they pull their umbrellas in.
You and me been kicking around
since the day we could remember things.
Nothing's changed, everything has changed.
Still the same as it was back then.

See good and bad they come and go,
about equally, about equally, yeah.
And worries go, yeah but memories don't.
It just get's less easy to see them.
Man in the mansion's just the same as the man on the street,
it don't mean nothing, it don't mean nothing, yeah.
Let's take it slow, man i want you to know,
that some people will be what they wan't you to see,
man why can't they see,

Man he's high rolling today,
got his fingers in everything.
Plans on taking over this place,
but what will he aim for then.
Seems greed's helpful to collecting,
in your pockets but not your soul.
Sea breeze, karma philosophies,
me and my friends are richer than gold.

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