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More Than Survive (reprise) - text


C-c-c-cmon, C-c-c-cmon, Go

What did we say about masturbation?

I was just gonna check my email!

You can't lie to me Jeremy, I'm inside your brain.
Now, we're going to devise a system.
I tally every time you think about sex and that is how many push-ups you do.
If this morning is an indicative sample, you'll have pecs in no time.

Still not gonna be the cool guy, but maybe not so left out.
Of all the characters in school , I might be the one who the story's about.
Now that someone's helping me out

Now get ready

To more...

...Than survive!

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na, Na Na

All in all a not too heinous day.

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na

Walk the hall with purpose as I swagger on my way.

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na, Hey! Hey! Hey!

Feeling crisp and high and clean.
I head to drama practice with Christine!

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