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Fly like an eagle, there you go
Sing on your restless jigaloo
Don't bring your troubles back to me
Cuz among the lines I don't wanna see you around
Didn't I tell you, didn't I say don't mess me around
Cause I'm already standing on the ground
And I don't need your love
Oh, Oh,
(you take it to the limit cause you didn't get by no, no)

One bad apple doesn't spoil, not a whole bunch does
One man all the times
Doesn't give you the best of my love
The day the circus came to town
To find that their hero was the clown.
Wouldn't you know it
Wouldnt' you say you're coming around
Cuz you're already standing on the ground
And it don't need your love, oh


Hold on, see the show, the circus is in town, let's go
Freak show, don't be slow, ten pretty ladies in a row
Silicon sound with the belly band, thought it was a lady
Buddy, teach their chance, here he comes, here he comes
The day the circus came to town

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