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Oh here I am after all these years
In a little hole in New York City
It's a little room up there
To cover me up by this snow as it falls outside
Out to all sweets of the pavement city
Will I ever feel the cold miles and miles away from home
I hope to get to sleep, stayed up through the night
After seeing half of the broadway movie
I got up there everyday, a toke of cocaine
And haven't found a snow on Forty Second street
See the hough pretending how they want you
Still I never paid for it miles and miles away from home

Yes it was real, I love New York
Yes it was real, I love New York
Yes it was, it was a real and a lie
Could it ever break you
Could it ever make you in New York
What's the time, as I think of her
Does it make a difference on the other side
She may well be sleeping now
So cover me up with the dreams we share
If we could sleep tonight
In this heated carpet magic city
Could she ever hear me now, calling out


Away from home

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