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Warriors in Carrion Kingdoms - text


We are fighting for something more,
The world we known

We are dying,
For reasons we do not,

We must stave off death to defend,
Or the green will bleed away,
It's on this day we made our stand,
We sworn, we fight them to the end

This they do not understand,
We will live forever,
And if they wish take our home,
They'd better fight to the last man

This struggle's gone on too long,
These sacred shores have kept us warm,
For all of time,
We will not let you burn it down,
Take your sorrow and leave us be
For all of time

Rally to me and share my strength
We are alone as we've always been

Don't turn your backs, don't pray to the gods,
Raise your swords and pray to me
Stain the ground with the defiler's blood

Welcome the end of this futile campaign,
I've seen enough of my brothers fall,
Lay down my sword and forfeit my life,
That my people might live though this endless night

They leave the song of old,
To echo within the earth,
So that all may be reminded,
Of those who had fallen first

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