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I've broken oath but so have they,
We summoned our wolves to the feast,
The crows were the only victors,
They lived long in those bloody days

Life being choked out of me,
They enjoy the view,
A thorn in their side for these many years,
Finally removed

Lessons were learned on the battlefield,
I've taken them to this prison with me,
Contemplating on might have been,
They robbed me you see, of my victory

One last warrior in the kingdom of the dead,
One last seeker of the dawn,
The time to lay my burdens down,
Finally has come

Break me apart, burn my burden down,
It doesn't matter now,
I have traveled far and now,
I journey to the stars

My brothers await, pride in their hearts,
They light the night sky,
They have traveled far and now,
I join them in the stars

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Lay Down Thy Burdens

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