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Lay Down Thy Burdens - text


A vision of victory,
Shaman said righteous men
Rise up to tyranny,
And thus our path is pure,
It's right in front of my eyes,
We must just take these steps,
Embrace destiny

I have searched
The corners of my mind,
These lessons should have never been left behind
They are not beyond our reach,
The time has come to teach,
We will show these bastards
How we kill

Justice has fallen into venerated souls,
I will not let the darkness embrace my people,
We are children learning from cruel master,
We will make them pay at last

Who I am now,
Who did I think I was,
What strength is left in me,
Your leader of nations,
I cry with wisdom,
I cry with the wind,
Those years long since abandoned,
How did it come to this,
The nightingale sang,
About an old king to feeble to save his people,
The lake and trees, they lied to me,
I cry with hatred I curse my dreams

Prophet sangs,
They guided us home when we were lost,
Bleak have become,
Helpless to deliver us
I searched not for sorrow,
It sought me out,
Her soft kiss to lay burdens down

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Lay Down Thy Burdens

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