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Valkyries Above - text


The clouds hang heavy in the air - The air it smells like rain
I lie here waiting - Fever dreams - A shelter from the pain
Not long ago I was alive - A man so full of dreams
Now soon the dark will fall on me and death will set me free

I have no fear - In limbo trapped - My life so far beyond
My mind so blank - My heart so cold - Yes - Soon I will be gone
No hymns of praise - No words of grief - Alone in hell I'll die
No light to guide - No help in sight - I see no valkyries fly

Are the valkyries above us

The battlefields lies cold and dead - I hear no screams or sound
I see them move - I see them run - To fight another round
Is there still hope - I don't believe - Just sadness black within
A wasted life - A wasted fate - I hear no valkyries sing

Are there valkyries above us - Don't see their shadows fly

Comrades fall - Yet all is mute - We poor will count the cost
Valhalla waits just for the pure - No valkyries above us
The songs we sang - The lords we hailed - The words we thought were true
All meaningless - just utter lies - They led us to our doom

Many die and many bleed - The clouds bleed heaven dry
A vision comes - The last I see before my inner eye
A frozen stare - A manic grin - Unburied in the frost
The valkyries ride and leave me here to rot - Yes - I am lost

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