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Exile Eternal - text


Far away from home
I roam these lands and distant shores
Damned - Forsaken - Banned - Cast out
A pariah of war
All I held so dear I had to burn and leave behind
A solitary man who's the run into exile

No - Never again I'll see the faces of my kin
But all their faces are engraved & locked so deep within
All I had so easily taken away from me
But no you'll never take away these treasured memories

I'm free - I'm free - Yes - I'm free

Forever banned into exile eternal - Exile eternal
Forever banned - Banned into exile

Come - Oh dreaded foe - Follow the trails of my escape
Send all your dogs of war
to catch my scent and seal my fate
I will not rest - I'll lead you beasts away into the wild
You may catch me - You'll hunt me down
but not my wife and child

Some they called me golden tongue
For I gave generously of my private means
I founded hospitals for the poor
A social being - Not a religious activist
I spoke out fearlessly against the custom of bowing
before their statues
For this defiance of authority I was banned into exile

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