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Get Over It - text


It's too late to take back all the stones that you have cast
I've made a fortress from them that can't be overthrown
When I am judged it won't be you I answer to
I take the blame for all the wrongs that I have done

I'm over this get over it
You don't own my life
I'm over this get over it
I do what must be done
I'm over this get over it
I wont get used to this
I'm over this get over it
So sick of you

I will not play your petty games
It's only in your head your lies become true
It's only in your head that these accusations make sense

I've ripped out my heart to get where I am
You can't stop doing what you've done to yourself
Left in the bitter cold, a fate of isolation

It's time to wake up and listen
I will not stand for your lies
No longer be your pawn
You're a worthless cunt
A plague unto society

Stay away from me

Text přidal Metalizer123

Video přidal DevilDan

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