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Flesh & Bone - text


Overcome their hate
Don't let them fool you
Into self-defeat or desperation
Let them choke on their envy
Hold fast to your own beliefs

Cowards die many times
Before they reach their own demise
The brave and the fearless
Taste it but once in their lives
Don't fear your day of reckoning
Make it fear you

Push your past aside
Don't let fear eat you inside
Grow through the pain
You're more than flesh and bone

A hopeless existence
It's not a life I want to lead
There is no redemption
If you can't fight for yourself

I learn from the failures of others
I watch their worlds burn
Cast a shadow to hide their hate
While they do nothing to save themselves

Don't let their sorrows
Don't let let their pain
Sway you from your true identity
You're more than flesh and bone

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