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Sweet revenge - text

A deep dark hole is where I reside,
I got a pimped out coffin where my body lies,
the life in me is banking on a revolution.
Oh, oh, oh.
Darling, I bet you've never met a zombie like me,
because I've got ten toes on my feet,
but contrary to belief, it's not like I can walk anyways.
Put your working legs to use and run away from me.
Even I am scared of what I'm starting to see, I've got a
knack for falling apart,
rather skilled in the art,
it's like I got everything, but a human heart.

Hush little baby, don't say a word
cause if you do, I can promise someone's gonna get hurt.

I'm dead, and there's no going back. I only got three fingers,
but I'm ready to attack. I'm dead, and hell is where I'll stay,
because heaven's overrated, I'm already super jaded,
and I'm doing things my way.
And now I'm back, once again on my feet,
the will to live against your will to accept defeat.
It doesn't feel like you're giving me any room.
And if you've seen your certain doom,
you know exactly what I'll do,
let me teach you what it's like to be buried inside of a tomb.
How far do you think you can run? Baby,
fear is my weapon and someone just dead is fun,
I'm talking like a madman but it makes more sense to me,
I lost myself a year ago, and here's how it's gonna be.

You can't stop the dead from rising,
consider it a homecoming,
and if the hair on your neck isn't up,
well I'd say you're out of luck.

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