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Feels like I have been left out
Marker on my face
Lose ten pounds
I feel like I am the background
I think I'm ready to change now
Open up to new sound
Spend all my time in my damn house
Livin that life that I made wow
Responsible for the fall out
Honestly it's just a shame how
Good hearts look now
Confusion sinking in
Find myself on the floor
Disassociate from myself
Better find the money to bail me out
I sit in therapeutic silence
I deserve to lose my Eyelids
Spend another day fast asleep
How did this happen to me
Feels like I've fallen from grace
I used to grind every day
Wake up at eight
Show up to work
But this motherfucker escaped
I think ill settle for nothin
Sick of the bullshit discussions
And I will remain the same

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