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Point Of No Return - text

Uncle Sam
Did call
And now your back’s against the wall

You fight hard
In this hell
And you better do it well

Start to run
And try to hide
Maybe you can turn the tide

You better win
It’s no use!
This combat you should not lose
So here you fight alone now
Way too much to your regret
Standing right at the frontline
With the enemies ahead

Will you run or will you hide?
Will you live or will you die?
Who decides?
All the thoughts you have in mind
Insanity enclosed please find
As you pass the point of no return

You look
The barrel of a gun

Let’s face
The end
As the Reaper takes your hand

A soldier at the crossroads
Targeting with bated breath
Surrender now or never
Desert or loyalty till death?

Text přidal roman59

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