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Awaken The Bastard - text

We are banging, screaming, roaring
We are living for the scene
We believe in – metal madness
Our unity is strength

Much blood, sweat, and tears
Forever we’re motion
Can not stop the – metal comrades
Rebellion is law

Now the time has come
For revolution
In unity awaiting
Our resurrection
Together we will fight
Against all routine
So better be prepared
For salvation

Rise and shout
Bane and devastation
Rebirth and recreation
Scream our call
All night long
Hope and pray
Final seal is broken
Bastard son’s awoken
Hear our call

Forward, faithful, honest
We believe in our way
Team spirit – metal chances
Prejudice is cursed

Ruthless, fearless, godless
We travel the road again
Never stop those – metal comrades
United till the end

Text přidal roman59

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