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Háblame Luna (Todd Terry Remix) - text

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Chesnutt Mark
Blame It On Texas
Been havin¡ a ball since I was a boy in Beaumont
Love that town but I just couldn¡ t stay
Two stepped all the way to Amarillo
Shuffled my way into Santa Fe
Just had to see the sun set out in Frisco
The Golden Gate is great
But it ain¡ t home
Give me a rodeo

Blame it on Texas
Don¡ t blame it on me
I am who I am
And that¡ s what I¡ m gonna be
You can say what you wanna say
About my insanity
Blame it on Texas
Don¡¯t blame it on me

Met a girl out in eastern Oklahoma
Her daddy was a Tulsa millionaire
With miles and miles of oil wells he¡ d leave her
All a man could want was waitn there
But one night while she lay sleepin¡ I slipped away
Like no man in his
Right mind would do
call me a fool
Repeat Chorus

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