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Some people like a dragonfly
floating on air
Don't ever have to touch the ground
don't have weight to bear
And those people
don't even feel they have to look down
Ask those people
where can this secret be found
Some people like a hummingbird
stirring the wind
Have the sweetest every time that you can ever find
And those people
Every moment seem to shine
From those people
comes a light that can never blind
I know there is another way
even if it can not be mine
Just knowing that it is for some
eases my mind
If I could just have a day
when I could say that I'd done fine
Holding on to that single one
would pass the time

Some people like a fairy tale
once upon a time
Live their lives in melody
mornings and evenings rhyme
And those people
have a rhythm like my dreams
But those people
are awake and know what to be

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