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Selena Gomez - Kill Em With Kindness (Parody) - text


When someone tries to throw me shade
I use a spell i learned on
Wizard of Waverly Place
Because i really Am a witch

I turn on the niceness
Pretend i like em
They don't realize
I am full of shit
I kill em with kindness
Til their body's lifeless
You're dead, you're dead, you're dead now.

When i treat someone kind
They Always die
Bit i cannot ne charger with a crime
I get away with murder all the time
Yeah that's right

Instagram haters
And Twitter trolls
I direct message them
A Sweet hello
And when they reader it
Ať first they're smiling
Bit Soon they Are dying

I don't use violence
I kill em with kindness
It's worse than a kick in the privates
If i feel slighted
You should be frightened
Cos i'll explode your head now

Selena Gomez
She must be stopped
Her evil power
It must be blocked
The kind of sweetness
Who could resist it?
This Canadian!

Hey Justin Bieber
Your country needs ya
To stop your ex girlfriend Selena
You're numb and jaded
From remake attention
Her spell Will not affect you
Yo what's Up Selena?

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