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Jenifer Loopez ft. Iggy Azela-Booty PARODY - text


Here’s another shitty song about booty
No though went into this crap it’s just booty
It’s so bad the title should have been "Doodie"
Makes "Anaconda" seem like
a masterpiece

It’s pitiful
my new single
is just one more mindless bore
about butts this is getting old
I am a mother
I should know better
then to star in soft porn
showing off my ancient keister

I was one the hottest young diva
Now I’m old and desperate to stay on the pop charts
So I asked this weird transvestite from Australia
to be in this because she’s popular
(Why is this albino famous?)

This is the lamest song yet about booty
literally the whole vid is just booty
It’s pathetic what you ladies are doing
portraying women as nothing more than
sex crazed meat

I’m so shallow
that I actually
took out an insurance
policy on my huge tushy
for twenty seven
million dólares
makes my ass
worth more cash
than P.Diddy made off Biggie

Now I will cover my ass in lube
and thrust up and down like I am seizuring
I’ll do anything to get cheap YouTube views
That’s why I act like I’m eighteen when I’m fifty
(Please don’t let my children see this.)

My big booty staring in a new movie
Taught my booty how to play Call of Duty"
Smoke a doobie with my giant fat booty
In my booty I keep my ex Ben
Someone help me!

Another song about big booty
it’s sad and pathetic for sure
but I did it cause I’ve liked this old dame since
she danced on "In Living Color"
she’s still a pretty sexy lady
even though she pushed out few babies
she got a few grey pubes but that ain’t
nothing can’t be fixed with some Brazilian shaving
yahhnabahhhnabiday yongnabadabhijay
ain’t no point in saying words no ones listening anyway
can’t hide the fact that this is utter crap
might as well fart the rest of this awful rap

Hey check it out J. Lo
ain’t that Nicki Minaj’s fat ass?

The three biggest butts in music
time to join forces we’ll rule the charts
six big fat ass cheeks with so much power and might
We are the Illuminati of booty

I am Iggy
I am J-Lo
I’m Nicki
from this day forward we’ll rule by committee
making sure pop music always stays shitty
that way we will always be on top winning!

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Jenifer Loopez ft. Iggy Azela-Booty PARODY

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