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Chaos, The Songs Within - text


Dissolved the bonds of brothers
Now the fires have witnessed lives tom
On these fields of loss no order had ever resided
At the hour of extermination
None had lived for gold, none had lived for hate
And as the bloodsmoke rose I realized
I may have decided this

Sunshine failing
In blackened monotone
Like songs within me
Chaos echoes
Stars unveiling
On heaps I stand alone
Like songs within me
Chaos echoes through

A sense of darkness and war
I've known it before

Revolt! a wonder of this
Sacrifice, we shun the lies born
To spread die flame across the borders in which I confided
In vain
We are the oncoming storm!

The sun has died
We watch the dark arrive

Providing the fissures
Shattering barricades
Defying black visions
Preparing the mighty for

I sense the darkness of war
I'll know it now as before

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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